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Changing wind power into electricity is normally the function of wind turbines. The standard design resembles a miniature windmill on a toll tower. When the wind blows the turbine the blades make the rotor spin and the movement of the rotor makes the generator within the turbine generate power. The generator is a common design composed of magnets and copper wires. This system has been utilized for many years in some other types of generators.

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Wind turbines, as the name indicates, require wind to work. Wind is stronger higher up in the sky, which is why wind turbines are rather tall, at around 30 meters. The end result of the stronger wind at that elevation is that the turbines generate more electricity. Of course it’s understandable that without enough wind, no power will be made. Historical weather information is carefully analyzed to choose sites that will supply sufficient continual winds for the turbines. This has a tendency to mean they are located along coastlines where it is generally very windy. Consistent winds does not always mean that they consistently blow from the same exact direction. To conform to varying wind directions, the turbines are fashioned to continually face into the wind, regardless of direction.